2021 Annual Exhibition

Communication Arts
Message from the Chair

The Communication Arts department at Otis includes Illustration and Graphic Design. Our students are dedicated, imaginative, and critical thinkers. They work seamlessly across media and disciplines, synthesizing and giving form to big ideas. They tell stories, solve problems, establish systems, create, and design all visual aspects of our world.

We send them off prepared to work in: publishing, merchandising, editorial, technology, social media, entertainment, UX/UI, education and the cultural sector. They will become Art Directors, Studio Heads, Muralists, Influencers, Advertisers, Storyboard Artists, App/Web/Social Media Designers, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Comic Book Artists, Children’s Book Illustrators, and Branding experts. 

As socially responsible creatives, the CommArts grads understand that they have agency, a voice, a purpose, and with that, they leave Otis with the goal of making the world a better place.

This year’s graduating Seniors have taken the challenges of this year and not only risen to meet them, but truly gone above and beyond in cultivating community, generating incredible bodies of work, and inspiring all of us with their ability to envision, explore, and build the future together. You can view their final website here

BRAVO CommArts Seniors!

Kali Nikitas, Communication Arts Chair

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