2021 Annual Exhibition

MFA Graphic Design
Message from the Chair
The MFA Graphic Design Program is an accelerated 14-month program that runs from summer to summer. The schedule and is unique and the academic experience is robust. At the end of the students’ final summer semester there is a public presentation including select work done during the time of their residency in the program, along with their final project, and a ceremony celebrating successful completion of the program. As the result of this difference in schedule of study, the MFA candidates in the Graduate Graphic Design program do not participate in the college-wide Annual Exhibition in the Spring semester. This is slideshow of select work from the graduates of the Class of 2021 who completed their credits in August 2020. Congratulations to all of our students!
Introductory items
  • Chris Zhu 1
  • Chris Zhu 2
  • Itsayana Campa
  • Itsayana Campa 2
  • Julian Traxler
  • Lyra Lin
  • Lyra Lin 2
  • Malak Almalki 2
  • Malak Almalki
  • Soye Lim
  • Soye Lim 2
  • Willie Smith

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