2021 Annual Exhibition

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2021 Installation SKEW

In the past 20 years Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors have designed, fabricated, assembled and installed 18 unique design/build environments for Otis' Annual Exhibition in their required course, Constructions. As in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic precluded physically building the installation, but this year we were aware of that limitation in advance and used it to our advantage. Seniors were encouraged to design an installation that was not economically - within the $7000 budget - or physically - within site, time, or technical limitations - feasible, which they did with their complex and technically challenging installation design SKEW!

In the co-requisite course Presentation Techniques, seniors developed and formatted their studio projects for display in the specific sizes and shapes of SKEW's backlit panels, just as they would have for the physical installation. 

This gallery of images shows the design process and several renderings of SKEW throughout the design process. At the time of posting this message, the SKEW Modeling Team - Mehrshad Khalili and Jerome Nyunt - have inserted the seniors' studio projects into the digital model and are rendering still images and a walk-through video for the virtual Opening of SKEW on Friday, May 14, 2021, 1830 PDT GMT-7.

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Introductory items
  • SKEW Department Cover
  • SKEW Parti Diagrams

    Between January 19 and 26, 2021, each senior generated individual design concepts, i.e. "partis." Four partis were selected for further development in the next phase, Schematic Design 1.

    Those four partis, shown here, clockwise from upper left, were named Surface-Object, Pods, Forest-Field, and Thick Mat as descriptors of their basic organization and potential effects.

  • SKEW Schematic Design 1

    Between January 26 and February 2, 2021, seniors collaborated in four teams on the four selected (surviving) partis.

    Two partis, Surface-Object (reinterpreted as Ribbon) and Forest-Field and were selected for further development in the next design phase, Schematic Design Final.

  • Skew Schematic Design Zoom

    Schematic Design 1 Review, February 2, 2021

    The Forest-Field Team is presenting their Rhino model in the ZOOM class meeting.

  • SKEW Schematic Design Final

    Teams continued working on schematic design of Ribbon and Forest-Field through February 23, when the Forest-Field parti was unanimously selected as the Class of 2021 Installation.

    In the following weeks, various names (final) were considered for the installation. Ultimately, students agreed upon SKEW, i.e. "neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; askew; crooked," "(of a pair of lines) neither parallel nor intersecting," "an oblique angle; a slant."

  • SKEW DD Shapes

    After February 23, students worked in teams on multiple aspects of the installation and its corollary components including: Design Development of SKEW, Site As-Built Documentation and Modeling, Color, Crit Space and Corner Wall, and Postcard Image.

    This image shows potential SKEW shapes in elevation (front view). Eight of these shapes were selected initially, then edited to five.

  • SKEW DD Selected Shapes

    This image shows the five shapes selected for SKEW, each of which was assigned a unique plan orientation and distinguishing color to facilitate identification.

    SKEW's five tapered and sloped shapes each have two different backs - Back 1, thick at the top or Back 2, thick at the bottom - which resulted in ten different shapes.


  • Skew DD Plan Patterns

    The five shapes/orientations were distributed throughout the site in five patterns. A secondary pattern of backs (Back 1 or Back 2) for each shape was overlaid on each of the five patterns.

    Shapes were removed for circulation throughout the site.

  • SKEW DD 3D Model Plan Patterns

    These views show the three-dimensional resultant of the design steps shown in the prior images.

  • SKEW DD Panels

    SKEW's shapes were divided into four panels on their fronts and backs using a limited number of angles.

  • SKEW DD Colors

    SKEW's palette and sequence of six colors were derived from this photograph of a forest. The lightest color was used for sides and "liners." The other five colors were assigned to the front and back panels by rotating the sequence for each shape.

  • SKEW Corridor No Prints

    This is first of several views of SKEW with panels and colors.

    See SKEW with panels, colors and student work, and within its site on the 5th floor of Ahmanson Hall on Otis' Goldsmith Campus on Friday, May 14, 1830 PDT GMT-7 @ ZOOM 755 354 3714.

  • SKEW E Entry No Prints

    View of SKEW at the east entry

  • SKEW Inside East No Prints

    View of SKEW inside at the east entry

  • SKEW W EntryNo Prints

    View of SKEW at the west entry


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