2021 Annual Exhibition

Fine Arts
Message from the Chair

The Fine Arts department educates students to create accomplished, coherent, relevant works of art that have the demonstrated ability to reach audiences. To achieve that goal, we emphasize critical thinking, innovative use of techniques and methods, and strategies to exhibit, perform or otherwise reach our intended audiences.

The events of 2021 challenged our highest goal to reach and communicate with audiences. Our hopes were challenged but not dashed. The 2021 class rose to the occasion in spectacularly inventive and experimental ways. This year because visitors could not come to us, we found the means to go to them.

Every senior mounted an exhibition in the Galef Fine Arts Building and made their show and their artist’s discussion about it available to the public virtually. Thanks to video broadcasting, more people saw those shows than in any other year. The seniors also created billboards in various locations throughout Los Angeles to celebrate their community of artists.  Those billboards have received an estimated one million views. The seniors also created the website fineassfineart.com and published an exhibition catalog that people can purchase through the Fine Arts Department. This year’s seniors did vastly more than anyone would bet artists could during a global pandemic and they are the better for it.

With the indomitable spirit and optimism of artists, they transformed a considerable obstacle into an inspiring asset and achieved what we under normal conditions would not have imagined. The faculty and college admire the class of 2021 for their open-minded thinking, persistence, and goodwill. We predict great things for all of them. We hope you will enjoy this page and glimpse it gives into what has been a historic and life-changing year for all of us.

Congratulations to all the Fine Arts graduates! 

Meg Cranston
Chair, Fine Arts


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