Annual Exhibition

A Message from the Chair

Our splendid Digital Media students, teachers, and I welcome you. These exhibits will give you a brief glimpse into the amazingly varied and creative work done by our students. The Digital Media department is 25 years old and is the largest studio department at Otis. Our students use motion, art, and design to tell stories, or support the telling of stories.

We have concept artists who create the look and feel for games, films, and TV. Our animators create 2D and 3D character animations to elicit emotional responses, as well as joy, wonder, and much much more.

The motion graphics students use video, 3D elements, images, type, sound, and more to provide calls to action, or to display information in compelling ways. Come and meet these wonderful Seniors. I am very proud of them all.

Harry Mott
Founding Chair, Digital Media


Digital Media: Student Work