Nick Vidal
About the Artist
Coming at you in full speed... the ride of a lifetime, that'll make you say "Catch you on the flip-side". Ever since I was younger, I've had an admiration for themed entertainment/theme parks. Growing up in Southern California, with many prospects of entertainment, I've been able to immerse myself in the thrilling experiences that are theme parks. Roller Coasters, dark rides, or even water rides, have attributed to my love for immersive design and storytelling. Taking from that inspiration, I would love to utilize my passion and talents in concept art and digital media to produce timeless stories and bring them to life through larger-than-life attractions. Themed entertainment is continuously evolving, but one thing it stays true to is it's quality of bringing happiness to folks from all walks of life. With that being said, in embarking on my journey within concept art and immersive design, I have created and am showcasing a collaboration of themed rides, such as "The Flip Side", amongst many others!
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