About the Artist

My practice investigates the gendered implications of the home and the domestic; the divisions between art and craft, utility and decoration, private and public; and painting as a mechanism for processing and synthesizing information. I take inspiration from the tradition of still-life and figurative painting, Feminist art praxis, and creating relationships to place.

the other side is a series of small double-sided works on paper reflecting on the window/picture plane and looking as an act of power or desire. The window represents a social convention around looking that can be broken or betrayed; an object that is made to be looked through, but attached to a set of rules that prevents (or perverts) the act of looking in. kitchen counter is a true-to-scale rendition of my kitchen in an imaginary state of growth and disrepair. My aim was to expand the body into a space; to create a landscape that could replicate the inner emotional workings of growth and decay and the uncertainty between care and neglect.

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