Won Cho
About the Artist
My name is Won Lee Cho. I will be graduating in 2023 from Otis College of Art & Design in Digital Media. I’ve been interested in drawing and storytelling all of my life. I was influenced by my family's artistic, musical, and engineering background. This art and science-influenced environment helped me view the world visually. At a young age, I sketched my first animated character, Elie the Elephant. Since that first image, I have continued to draw various creatures - both imagined by others and by myself. I found inspiration in stories that combined elements of fantasy with reality. Over time, I connected my passion for art with my love for science by drawing animals and dinosaurs and also began creating storylines to go with my characters. I enjoy character development, drawing, and storyboarding, so I followed my passion by pursuing animation at Otis College of Art and Design. I value how Otis has helped me build a strong foundation in storytelling, character concept design, graphic novel design, and illustration. By using Adobe Animate and Autodesk Maya to bring my illustrations and stories to life, I’ve enhanced my ability in both 2D and 3D Animation. My graphic novels and short films include elements of friendship, teamwork, compassion, hope, peace, and social justice. For example, Prehistoric League is about several racially diverse superheroes protecting the world from those who try to destroy nature. Meanwhile, An Egg Encounter is about a budding friendship between two dinosaurs of different species. I aspire to create and share impactful stories by working in the digital media animation industry.
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