Sebastian Chavez
About the Artist
  ARTIST’S STATEMENT 2023 Sebastian Chavez,  Animator, and Illustrator At Otis College of Art and Design, I had the opportunity to pursue a career in Digital Media, majoring in Animation and minoring in Illustration. The work I’m presenting for this exhibition was done during the illustration and animation classes. As a visual artist, I have drawn and painted the natural and built landscape, a practice which has allowed me to discover the beauty of lines, colors, and shadows, projecting them in an attempted perfect perspective, a most vital skill in my illustration designs. I’ve continued advancing my style to fictional writing by creating anthropomorphic characters portrayed in the stories which  I developed based on animal species and the region’s cultures and languages in the context of how people’s lives have been affected by political decisions, gender biases, and inequality experiences. I did this work using different mediums as part of the art design process; some of the developments were done by sketches, color selection, digitalized drawings, video, and other software programs combination resulting in the final product. This work represents the medium that expresses the beauty that complements my love for the arts.
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