Junwoo Je
About the Artist
Hello, I'm Junwoo Je, a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. From an early stage during my academic journey, I discovered a profound interest in the realm of User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design, a passion that has now become my professional calling. Alongside my formal education, I independently pursued studies in motion graphics. The dynamism and interactivity inherent in this medium captivated me, adding another facet to my design repertoire. As a child, my creative pursuits were largely influenced by the intriguing world of film and video games. I recall eagerly awaiting the closing credits after each cinematic or gaming experience, particularly captivated by the artistry displayed in these productions. I distinctly remember the moment I noticed a Korean name listed among the UI artists - a realization that was both shocking and inspiring. It was the first time I envisioned the possibility of my work reaching audiences globally, of leaving my personal imprint on art that transcends boundaries. This pivotal moment not only fueled my passion for graphic design but also served as a catalyst in my decision to further my education in America. It was a choice that significantly shaped my personal and professional trajectory throughout my twenties. Today, I draw upon these experiences and influences in creating design solutions that resonate across diverse audiences.
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