About the Artist
Dani Iribe utilizes crowded spaces coupled with feverish palettes and iconography to reveal the bliss that hides in profound emotions. The coalescence of ideas and visuals indicate sentiments of uncertainty and what Iribe calls, a fraudulent relief. She highlights the importance of this phantom relief by creating a space in which subtleties and the extremes coexist. The fraudulent relief comes from her own anthology of feelings being inescapable even in what appear to be moments of respite. Iribe combines her interest of the history of European Baroque and French rococo maximalism to emphasize her own fascination of ornate detail and the aesthetics of excess. By combing themes such as, class and race accompanied by a pastiche of colors and symbolism, Iribe creates a purgatory like world where multiple ideas and feelings collide. Iribe does not create in hopes of reaching a conclusion or explore a linear narrative, rather these works are visual examples of Iribe’s own process of sitting in these metaphysical concepts to dissect profound emotions that gift her license.
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