Anthony Tarvin
About the Artist
Meet Anthony, a talented and versatile graphic designer with a passion for photography and lighting. From Los Angeles, CA, Anthony discovered his love for design and photography in his youth, spending time sketching, taking photos of his friends, and playing Nintendo. His dedication and enthusiasm for these pursuits led him to Santa Monica College (SMC), where he earned associate degrees in graphic design and photography. He continued his education at OTIS College of Art and Design in Westchester, CA, where he earned his bachelor's degree in fine arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Advertisement. Anthony believes in approaching his work with a collaborative mindset and keen attention to detail. He understands that effective communication is essential to delivering exceptional results and always strives to ask the right questions to connect with his clients and bring their unique visions to life. Outside of his work, Anthony loves to travel, frequently visiting New York City or the UK. You may even spot him capturing the world around him with his sketchbook and camera in your local museum or coffee shop. Thank you for your interest in Anthony's work.
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