Ryujung Seol
About the Artist

Ryujung Seol is from the Republic of Korea, studies Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design. She was born the second of three siblings. Her parents sent her to New Zealand, hoping to see a bigger world, so her new phase began. She grew up learning English and foreign lifestyles from an early age without her parents’ guidance. Through these experiences, she learned to challenge new things and adapt to different environments, which led her to become a more understanding child than her peers.

Ryujung had lived in many households with different host families who acted as her guardian. She ended up moving to the United States to continue her education. Each family had a different set of rules and atmosphere that she had to accommodate. She quickly learned to adapt in new environments and learned to mold in with people who have grown up in different settings. She realized that everyone has distinct ways of thinking and values.

Once she was in high school, she loved art so much that she enjoyed drawing and participating in competitions. That way, she gained confidence after receiving the award, and she thought she wanted to study painting and fashion more professionally. She had so much interest that she liked to give advice on her friends' clothes or observe people's fashion. It was the beginning of a journey of her fashion career.

She became more serious about fashion as she met many talented people at Otis College. She was inspired by them and chose to study fashion design more intensively. Her fashion journey is currently ongoing and growing through many projects. As a designer, she will work harder on fashion diversity and preservation.

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