Lismary Escamilla
About the Artist
Hello! My name is Lismary Escamilla and I squeeze illustrations out of my brain! I’m an Illustrator born and raised in Los Angeles whose childhood dreams were to become a paleontologist. But I was too busy scribbling all over my notebooks and choose the more artistic route instead. Over the years, I found myself fascinated by the obscure and psychological horror genre in animation and in Baroque paintings. It was a challenging route for me to accept the adverse reactions from people and not see many positives. But I now embrace those negative reactions and see it as an accomplishment. Being a body horror artist is to get something out of the viewer, whether that be a scared fascination or creating goosebumps on their skin. My endeavor has led me to fully start embracing this genre and become a part of its world. So as I squeeze out these illustrations from my brain, I also squeeze them out of my eyes, mouth, nose, and pores.
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