Leo Alas
About the Artist
LEO ALAS (b. 1995) is a research-based interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles exploring themes around care work and grief, through a Marxist-Feminist lens. They contemplate where care exists in family structures, at work, in a community, who performs care, and who receives care. Their practice journeys into world building and Queer political imagination, exploring what is possible, what is potent, and what is beautiful, in an effort to find healing and joy in late-stage capitalism. Leo studied Fine Arts and Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz and received their MFA in Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design. Leo is a co-founder of Queer Spa Network, an artist-in-residence at Level Ground Co. in Los Angeles for 2021-2022, and a bathing enthusiast.  
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