Leah Yeseul Kim
About the Artist
Hello, My name is Leah Yeseul Kim, I am a 2022 graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Toy Design. A quick background about me, I came to the United States from South Korea with a dream to get a degree in art 8  years ago. I made the difficult decision to leave my family and friends because I wanted to pursue my dream and career in art and I felt the United States was the best opportunity for me to achieve that. I decided to major in Toy Design because I have been fascinated by the concept of sketching and designing characters my whole life, but to have the ability to bring the design to life through 3D modeling is something I thoroughly enjoyed learning. As I have taken courses at Otis College around Toy Design, I really enjoy the ability to take a unique character design from ideation to concept. Throughout my time at Otis College, I have learned to grow my soft and technical skills through my professors and my fellow students. I have developed soft skill sets from the various projects and assignments by becoming someone that is a hard worker, a go-getter, and to be an organized and timely person. I am confident in my ability to adapt to the ever-changing market in the toy industry by not only learning from industry leaders but also self-teaching myself to always raise the bar for the company and myself professionally.
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