Chuanhui (May) Yin
About the Artist
About Me I am Chuanhui Yin. I'm from China. I am the Otis College of Art and Design graduate with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design which serves as a great evidence of my field knowledge. Furthermore, I had some experience work on mentor project with Rhude and Prairie Underground, Kevan Hall in college, and these experience has taught me how to think critically, design for different style's brand and solve complex problems. Last but not least, I am skilled in using software programs necessary for this role, including Adobe Illustration, Photoshop, and Procreate. I can handleMuti-task, tech pack, make patterns, and make samples. I love the design that vince team made, and I am confident to the handle this job. I can support design team with concept and research development for seasonal deliveries, making mood board, sourcing and approval of fabric samples and other development materials.   As a designer in context of fashion's global ecosystem, I want to be an explorer who can look for new trends in fashion. I want to give a visual impact for my design through my observation and understanding of the world. I will use the craftsmanship I have learned and the Chinese cultural background to interpret my personal aesthetics in an interesting way. My strength is that I'm willing to try and explore different cultures and expressions for design, and I can incorporate personal background as my design elements. I think the most important thing in fashion design is to express my point of view through the design work, and to sincerely show the story through my design.
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